These are quotes from some of the testimonials I have received in the past. I can show the originals on request / at interview.

"I worked with Mike for over 2 years whilst he was working with Havas Lynx.

Mike is a diligent and unflappable professional that works well in pressurised environments. He is eager to learn new skills and he has good people skills.

I feel he would be an asset for any client and he's also a really friendly, laid back person. It was a pleasure working with Mike and I would be happy to do so in the future." (Colleague at Havas Lynx)

“It was a pleasure to work with Mike, who is genuinely a good person and excellent team player. As well as being technically strong, he is thorough professional, hard working, strong communicator and very much delivery focussed. I don’t hesitate to recommend Mike to any team and would be really happy to work with again.” (Colleague at Capita)

“Michael worked really well as part of the team and was always willing to help his junior/new members. He is technically sound and seems to have a solution to most technical problems assigned to him. Always dedicated and shows commitment even for the smaller tasks. It was a pleasure working with him.” (Team lead at Promethean)

“Mike managed to tackle the most difficult of tasks and came out on top. Always easy to work with and really nice guy too.” (Support engineer at Promethean)

“While working with Michael I always found him to be very professional in his work and also very helpful to myself and the other developers.” (Colleague at Promethean)

“Mike was a valuable member of our ASP.Net team at Promethean. It is plainly obvious that he knows exactly what he is doing technically, that he has a wealth of experience, and that he can easily adapt to a team's processes and business requirements. But Mike also had (which most other developers don't) a willingness to help others on the team by giving them time, even at his own expense. Mike would often help me (especially at first when integrating into the team) and never complained if he had to do the "less interesting" work, i.e. not the new greenfield development and design which we developers all like to do. All in all, he was sorely missed as part of the team when he left.” (Colleague at Promethean)

“I cannot speak highly enough of Mike, he has been an excellent addition to the team and has helped the business by providing a crucial and robust piece of software at a time of exponential growth. I would not hesitate in taking Mike on again for future work.” (Development Team Lead)

“There have been a number of challenges to accommodate during the writing of this piece of software. Mike has responded by showing great pragmatism and inventiveness.” (Project Manager)

“Mike spends the time to make sure that his applications are thoroughly tested, and work in the most sensible and resource friendly fashion. He has great attention to detail, and is very meticulous. Mike also manages to produce code that is very sympathetic to existing coding practices and dovetails nicely into the existing codebase.” (Development Team Lead)

“Mike has continually demonstrated a wide range of programming knowledge and ability pick up new languages and technology in a short period of time.” (Project Manager)

“We hired Michael for his specialist expertise. He quickly integrated into our values based culture and added value from day one. He fit in so well and mixed well with our people he stayed with us for many years on a contract basis! He naturally developed less experienced people around him too. I valued Michael for his knowledge, recommendations for pushing our boundaries, he was self-managing so I could confidently leave him to development and know he would hit timescales, his attention to detail was great so we got quality of work with limited defects. Michael didn't feel like a typical IT contractor, he was like one of the team that added value all the time and had a huge amount of integrity and work ethic to help us deliver our internal client commitments. He can communicate easily with other developers, tester and indeed clients. Hence I have no hesitation in recommending him!” (Ecommerce Development Manager at First Direct)


“Mike has also assisted in the mentoring of junior members of the development team, willingly giving from his knowledge of web development to help other developers solve their coding problems. Mike has fitted in extremely well into the team and has played a full and active part in the office environment. When problems have arisen, Mike has always been able to come up with good and workable solutions to get round problems.” (Development Team Lead)

“Mike is an excellent team player demonstrated by his ability to pick up new skills and his willingness to freely share his own knowledge for the benefit of the team. He has demonstrated this ability on numerous occasions when programme issues have arisen, during ‘think tank’ meetings working towards issue resolution and risk mitigation.” (Project Manager)

“Mike has been an excellent member of our project team and has continually demonstrated his commitment to the task in hand working over and above contractual duties when called for.” (Project Manager)

“On a personal note he has been an excellent person to have in the team from a morale perspective and actively contributed to a proactive and friendly working environment. Given the opportunity I would definitely offer him future contracts should he be available.” (Project Manager)